Example of Globalization Papers

Globalization Papers – Globalization papers are papers that describe the development of all aspects of human life as a whole or globally. No aspect does not feel globalization today. Starting from the economy, politics, social and human spirituality itself.

The paper on globalization has many discussions, therefore, in this discussion, the paper will be described more specifically, namely the globalization of culture that has occurred in Indonesia. To be able to make this paper, the authors must get enough references.

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To make globalization papers unique, references do not have to be from certain books, there are many other things today that can be used as references. One of them is human social phenomena and the development of current patterns of life can also be discussed in globalization. The following is an example of a presentation of a paper on cultural globalization.

Background of the problem

To describe a discussion, it must bring up problems that can be used as the basis for the presentation. For the background of the problem of cultural globalization, this section will discuss all aspects of cultural globalization in Indonesia.

Globalization is a condition that is currently happening and is taking place in all parts of the world. From politics, social and even culture are also experiencing globalization in each of its current developments. This can be seen from the behavior of the Indonesian people with all patterns and cultures that are very diverse or heterogeneous.

This means that cultural globalization occurs very quickly and without limits. Indonesian people easily access the culture of other nations as well as other nations. No longer limited as before, all foreign cultural products can be adopted today in Indonesia. This is a phenomenon of globalization.

On the one hand, globalization provides advantages and benefits because it can access anything easily. But besides that, of course, there are negative and detrimental effects on the Indonesian nation itself.

Korean and European cultures are the most dominating cultures in the upheaval of globalization in Indonesia today. Directly this makes starting from the style of dress, the behavior of the community is also unstoppable. Clothing, music, food, and communication tools today make it easy to reach what people need today. Globalization is becoming a trend and forming its pattern in the lives of Indonesian people.

No longer bother what is currently a culture and trend can easily and quickly spread to all corners of the world. This makes the development of digital and social media very unpredictable. How not due to the current cultural globalization, foreign parties can also live and have a career in Indonesia.

Of course, this condition makes the competition very tight. Especially for finding job vacancies. However, this condition also has a positive impact on generations in Indonesia, namely being more creative, competitiveness is also increasingly competitive and business competition is happening very rapidly.

Formulation of the problem

Next is an affirmation of the problems discussed in this globalization paper. The formulation of the problem usually consists of various questions to be discussed and answered in the paper. The formulation of the problem that can be used as a question in this paper is as follows:

  1. What are the effects of cultural globalization in Indonesia?
  2. What kind of attitudes and behaviors are appropriate in facing the globalization of culture in Indonesia today?

Identification of problems

Of the many problems and important things that can be discussed in globalization papers, it is important to identify problems. This is to focus more on the things that are highlighted and interesting to discuss in this paper. The problem identification in this paper is

  • The existence of globalization has caused the disappearance and even loss of the original cultural entity of the Indonesian nation.
  • Globalization has also made people’s and society’s behavior and personalities no longer distinctive but very contrasting.
  • In addition, the government must be able to overcome the many deviant behaviors due to the weak basis of the original culture of the Indonesian people.

Benefits and Objectives of the Paper

After the identification section, the presenter can also list the benefits in general and specifically about the benefits of discussing this paper. Of course, this is very important so that what is discussed is by the specified discussion objectives. The benefits and objectives of this globalization paper with the identification above are:

  • To find out how far the influence of cultural globalization on the noble resilience contained in the Indonesian nation.
  • In addition, to find out what can be done to counteract the radiation of cultural globalization in Indonesia.
  • Things that must be done to minimize the influence of cultural globalization that occurs in Indonesia.

Library Foundation

To answer the problems described in the paper, solutions will be found by referring to appropriate sources or references. To be in sync between the discussion of the problem, what will be described in the basis of the literature in this paper are as follows;

Cultural Globalization

Culture is the identity of a nation or state. Culture always characterizes values, morals, and special characters in life. If culture is affected by globalization, culture will slowly disappear and be replaced by a culture that is not by the nation’s philosophy.

For example, the easiest way to say hello to each other and be friends that used to be embedded in the Indonesian nation is now turning into an indifferent and indifferent attitude. This can be seen in every condition and wherever the time is, one another does not greet each other and is silent. All focused on their respective androids.

Impact of Globalization

As it is known that globalization has no small influence on life, one of which is the positive impact is with the globalization of competition and competition in all things is growing. The opening of many equal opportunities for anyone to develop and progress.

But other than that, the negative impact that will be caused by cultural globalization is that there is no longer the original culture of the Indonesian nation. Cooperation is replaced with services that are ready to be used at any time. The culture of frugality has changed to investing in property and business.

Of course, changes in all aspects of life are very hedonistic. Even food and behavior have an impact. Today’s food leads to ready-to-eat food and is oriented with harmful concoctions for the body. Clothing that used to be very thick with eastern customs now tends to lead to Korean and European styles.


This section will describe the material for discussing cultural globalization and the factors that influence it. In the discussion section, the presenter can explain the facts in the field and relate them to the literature base that has been listed previously.

The Influence of Globalization in Indonesian Culture

It is undeniable that globalization is something that cannot be prevented. The development of the world of technology and transportation must result in the development and change of the nation’s culture. Being smart in responding to globalization is a good attitude in accepting the flow of globalization. Otherwise, people will become victims of cultural globalization.

The emergence of globalization does not always have a negative impact but also provides fresh air and great opportunities for young people. Like entrepreneurial opportunities, creative preneurs are very profitable. But unfortunately, this opportunity cannot be optimized by all citizens.

This condition will eventually grow social inequality that is very far away. Even real inequality is seen in life. Therefore, we often see the lack of a human spirit around us. This should be a very important part of the community and the government in particular.

This means that globalization cannot be prevented but can be neutralized by maintaining cultural stability. This can be started from home and family. The control system for the nation’s culture is the family and school. The family must be able to provide religious needs for all family members. Likewise, schools must be able to provide education that is relevant to the needs and life of the nation in the future.

The Government’s Role in Countering the Flow of Globalization

Whatever the reason, the government is the pillar that is most sensitive to the state of globalization. The government must be able to become the most potential and safe place for the community to get protection. Pro-active government towards citizens is needed in responding to cultural globalization.

Likewise, the community must observe and obey in carrying out the provisions of law and order that apply in the nation and state. Globalization must make the Indonesian nation great but still uphold the foundation and philosophy of the state. Accepting foreign cultures is okay but still consistent with your own culture.

Closing Paper Globalization

The closing section usually consists of two parts, namely conclusions and suggestions. Although it is described with a brief explanation, the closing is very helpful for the readers in understanding a paper. In the following section, the conclusion section consists of conclusions and suggestions.


  • Globalization is a condition without borders because it has adopted a global or comprehensive system. So that it will be difficult to control its circulation and development, therefore deviant behavior and all things that result in a decline in moral values ​​are difficult to anticipate.
  • Globalization occurs with interactions that occur directly or indirectly, besides that it can also occur from television media and other information.
  • The impact of globalization on the joints of life makes the Indonesian people no longer show eastern customs. One of them is the culture of gotong royong changing into an individual and selfish attitude.
  • One way to prevent the negative influence of cultural globalization is to provide a fortress for self-quality such as increasing skills and abilities, strong democratic governance and transparency.


And the suggestions that can be presented in this paper are as follows;

  • The government must be able to make regulations that are in accordance with the development and changes in the nation’s culture
  • Participate and actively maintain and continue to preserve their own culture so that it can still be known and cultivated by the people of Indonesia.
  • The existence of a very strict and in-depth selection of the culture that entered the Indonesian nation was carried out and paid attention to by business actors and the mass media in Indonesia.
  • Society must always participate in selecting and choosing a new pattern or culture in life. Not directly following whatever trends or habits are able to survive with a good culture of behavior.

That is an example of a paper on cultural globalization. The discussion in this paper is organized and structured for easy reading. This paper contains the development and influence of globalization on culture in Indonesia. The globalization paper above is one form of discussion model for scientific work.

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