Examples of Democratic government papers

Democracy is a system of government embraced by many developing countries and even Indonesia is also one of the countries that adopt a democratic system. In general, democracy is a system of government that upholds the rights of the people. To enrich the knowledge of this democratic paper can be used as literacy.

The democratic paper will be discussed general and simple things about democracy and understanding broadly. Currently, people’s need for literacy is very important to rival the improvement of technology today.

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The following will be discussed in democracy papers that will be spelled out based on the formulation of the problem you want to know. Although not as wide as reading a book, a paper is an effective way to understand one of the terms or information of certain knowledge.

Democracy does have the meaning of prioritizing the human rights of the people as the holder of the highest sovereignty in a government, especially the nation in Indonesia. But in reality, many deviations will harm the people themselves. The following is a discussion in the background of the problem.

Background of the problem

Democracy is a system of government that is used as the basis of politics in Indonesia. With democracy, everyone chooses their choice in determining the direction of government, but not all of these things can be fully implemented. Society remains in all conditions that will be contaminated to certain groups or sections.

The conditions of democracy in its implementation in Indonesia are always in conflict with various kinds of problems that are quite complex. Either people don’t know or they don’t want to know so very few people know about the importance of each individual’s right to vote.

The fact is that there are still many people’s rights to vote in Indonesia that are not being used properly. There are still people who think not to use their right to vote in every election. Not only in democratic elections, but it should also bring people to the condition of having the widest opinion about whatever is happening in the country.

Formulation of the problem

The formulation of the problems that will be discussed in this democracy paper are the things that have been identified as follows:

  1. Explain what is meant by democracy based on political theory and its definition?
  2. How is the system of implementing democracy in the country in Indonesia?
  3. The development of democracy from time to time and the process of its implementation in the country in Indonesia?

Benefits and Objectives of the Paper

While the purpose and benefit of discussing this paper on democracy are to be able to find out what are the discussion points in the formulation of the problem above. And the benefits are as follows:

  1. To be able to explain what is meant by democracy based on political theory and its definition.
  2. Can find out about how the system of implementing democracy in the country in Indonesia.
  3. And in order to know the development of democracy from time to time and the process of its implementation in the country in Indonesia?


Dan sebagaimana rumusan masalah yang telah diidentifikasi diatas maka pembahasan yang akan dijelaskan dalam makalah ini adalah hal-hal yang dianggap penting dan dapat menjawab masalah diatas.

Demokrasi Dalam Sudut Pandang Etimologis

Demokrasi memiliki arti secara etimologis adalah sebuah pengertian yaitu demokrasi yang berasal bahasa yunani yaitu yang berarti demos dan kratos atau rakyat dan kekuasaan. Jika diartikan secara keseluruhan demokrasi memiliki akar konsep rakyat berkuasa.

Dalam istilah di indonesia demokrasi sering dikenal dengan makna untuk rakyat dari rakyat dan oleh rakyat. Namun perlu diketahui bahwa demokrasi dalam tiap tiap warganegara memiliki ciri dan khas tertentu tergantung kondisi dan wilayah tertentu. Namun hampir semua pengertian dan orientasi pengertian demokrasi selalu di dedikasikan pada rakyat.

Dari pengertian diatas demokrasi seolah memberikan pengertian bahwa kekuasaan dalam sebuah negara dan pemerintahan itu tergantung kepada rakyatnya. Dengan demokrasi masyarakat berhak menentukan arah dan pilhannya dalam hal kekuasaan. Artinya rakyat memiliki kekuasaan penuh dalam menentukan arah pemerintahan.

Jadi rakyat memiliki hak dalam menilai dan mengkritisi kebijakan dan kepemerintahan. Sistem demokrasi adalah sebuah dasar hidup dalam bernegara yang menunjukkan bahwa rakyat adalah tingkatan tertinggi. Segala sesuatu yang diatur haru bermuara kepada kepentingan dan kesejahteraan rakyat. Ada beberapa sistem demokrasi dalam tiap tiap bangsa ada yang menggunakan sistem presidensial dan ada juga yang menggunakan sistem parlementer.

Presidensial yaitu sistem yang berorientasi langsung kepada presiden. Presiden adalah pemimpin yang mendapatkan mandat rakyat untuk mengatur sistem pemerintahan. Sehingga secara sistematis untuk kekuasaan eksekutif berada di bawah kekuasaan presiden.

Dan untuk sistem parlementer adalah sistem dengan perpaduan antara kekuasaan legislatif dan eksekutif. Eksekutif di pegang dan dikendalikan oleh perdana menteri dan legislatif di pegang oleh ratu. Kekuasaan rakyat ini dapat mencakup sektor social, politik, ekonomi, dan budaya. demokrasi merupakan hak bagi seluruh warga Negara. Didalam demokrasi juga terdapat prinsip-prinsip sebagai berikut:

  • Kedaulatan Rakyat
  • Pemerintahan berdasarkan persetujuan dari yang diperintah
  • Kekuasaan Mayoritas
  • Hak-hak Minoritas
  • Jaminan Hak Asasi Manusia
  • Pemilihan yang Bebas, Adil, dan Jujur
  • Persamaan di Depan Hukum
  • Proses Hukum yang Wajar
  • Pembatasan Pemerintah Secara Konstitusional
  • Pluralisme Sosial, Ekonomi, dan Politik
  • Nilai-nilai Toleransi, Pragmatisme, Kerjasama dan Mufakat.

Implementation of democracy in Indonesia

a. Development of Democracy during the Independence Revolution (1945-1950)

At that time democracy in Indonesia had not been going well because there were still problems with the struggle of the Indonesian people with the Dutch who wanted to return. at this time, all the power of the Indonesian government was held by the president. During this period the legislative body underwent many changes. Then there was the formation of political parties and changed the presidential system to be parliamentary

b. The Development of Parliamentary Democracy (1950-1959)

The constitutional basis during this reign was the UUDS (temporary constitution). The political process that is running well is due to the role of the people’s representative institution of parliament. However, parliamentary democracy was considered a failure because of the inability of the constituents to amend the session of the 1945 Constitution. In addition, there were similarities between the interests of President Soekarno and those in the army who did not like the current politics at the time. On this basis, the president dissolved the constituent assembly and formed the MPRS.

c. Guided Democracy Development (1959-1965)

At this time there were many deviations from democracy because many political parties only prioritized their ideological interests, so they did not pay attention to national interests and were not by the personality of the Indonesian nation that animates Pancasila.

Because of this problem, many political party leaders were imprisoned due to the blurring of the government system. Human rights guarantees were weak because of the G30SPKI rebellion which also led to the end of the old order government.

d. The Development of New Order Democracy

Democracy at this time was marked by the change of president Suharto to replace the previous president, Soekarno. The implementation of Pancasila democracy is considered by the Pancasila ideology and gives new hope to the people in development in all fields.

The economic crisis and political criticism were the reasons for the failure of this new order democracy. In addition, other factors at the end of the New Order democracy were the lack of a democratic spirit in conducting elections, as well as the proliferation of demonstrations that were carried out to guide Suharto’s abdication as president.

e. The Development of Democracy During the Reformation Period (1998-present)

The transfer of government power from President Soeharto to his vice president, namely BJ. Habibie marked the end of the New Order government. At this time it was not the same as the previous government, although there were similarities in the implementation of Pancasila democracy. What makes the difference is that there are stipulations made by the MPR and amendments to the Constitution (I, II, III, IV). The elections were also much more democratic than before. Freedom of expression is also a basic right that can be guaranteed.

f. Examples of the implementation of democracy in Indonesia

The shooting took place at a time when Tri Sakti students were demonstrating to demand the removal of President Suharto from the presidency. This incident killed 4 students at Tri Sakti University, Jakarta, and injured dozens of other students. They had held a peaceful demonstration but were blocked by the police and military troops who came. The students moved backward along with the advance of the security forces. At that time, the police started shooting at the demonstrators so that they split up and ran and took refuge in the university. Not a few victims in this incident now deserve to be remembered in this country of Indonesia.

The failure of the president in exercising the power of the President makes it difficult to take policy steps because the government is driven by political parties. For example, in dismissing a minister, if the minister is dismissed, the political party will withdraw from the government, which will further weaken the government. Because the legislative body sends many policies that will be made by the president.


Didalam penutup berisi kesimpulan secara singkat dan menyeluruh agar pembaca dapat memahami isi pembahasan tersebut. Berikut kesimpulan dari makalah pelaksanaan demokrasi di Indonesia


Adapun kesimpulan yang dapat dijadikan ringkasan dalam makalah demokrasi ini adalah sebagaimana berikut ini:

Demokrasi dapat diartikan sebagai pemerintahan rakyat, yaitu sistem pemerintahan yang berasal dari rakyat, oleh rakyat, untuk rakyat. Bagi rakyat demokrasi ini sangat penting karena dapat memberikan hak-hak dalam menentukan sendiri jalannya organisasi suatu Negara. Sampai saat ini Indonesia menerapkan demokrasi pancasila karena dirasa dapat mewujudkan keadilan dan kesejahteraan bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia sesuai dengan ideologi pancasila itu sendiri.

Dengan adanya demokrasi ini rakyat dapat memberikan pendapat, aspirasi serta menyalurkan hak-hak politik secara langsung. Demokrasi ini ditandai dengan adanya pelaksanaan pemilu dalam jangka waktu 5 tahun sekali untuk pemilihan legislative maupun presiden dan wakil presiden.


Adapun saran-saran yang dapat diketahui dalam makalah ini adalah sebagai berikut ini:

Demokrasi adalah sistem pemerintahan yang seharusnya menjunjung hak warganegara dalam menentukan pilihannya tentang politik. Namun agar warga negara dapat menggunakan hak pilih dengan baik membutuhkan pengetahuan tentang hal-hal yang berkaitan akan privasi pilihan tiap tiap orang tersebut. Dengan adanya kondisi itu diharapkan pemerintah dan praktisi dan penggiat politik harus memperhatikan akan pendampingan dan kebutuhan pengetahuan politik kepada masyarakat. Dengan pendampingan dan sosialisasi politik secara menyeluruh maka masyarakat tidak akan salah dalam menggunakan hak-haknya dalam berdemokrasi dan turut andil dalam menjalankan pemerintahan

Makalah diatas adalah beberapa penjelasan secara umum tentang pengertian dan pelaksanaan dekorasi di dalam bangsa di Indonesia. Tentunya dapat diketahui bahwa proses demokrasi tidak seindah pengertiannya yang memegang hak-hak tiap warga dalam berpolitik. Namun harapannya setelah mengetahui akan pengertian demokrasi adalah setiap warga negara memahami akan tinggi hak demokrasi bangsa.

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