Development of Hinduism Buddhism in Asia

Development of Hinduism Buddhism in Asia – Hinduism first appeared in north India, then it developed and spread farther north, among others to Nepal. The influence of Hinduism in Nepal was so strong that it could attract a lot of followers, reaching 90% of the whole population. Until now Nepal is the only Hindu kingdom in the world.

Hinduism also spread to central India and south India, for example to Amarawati and Tamiralipti. From these two regions, Hinduism spread to Srilanka, Southern China, and some kingdoms in Southeast Asia, Hinduism developed faster, for instance in kingdoms of Funan, Lin-yi, Fyu, Mon Dwarawati, Shen-La and Khmer, Kutai, and Tarumanegara.

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In Cambodia, there is a building that is the largest Hindu heritage in Southeast Asia, even in the world. The building is Angkor Wat which was built by the Khmer kingdom during the reign of Suryawarman II (1113 – 1150).

The development of Hinduism was delayed when Buddhism appeared. The decrease of Hindhu followers was due to the greediness of the Brahmanas at that time. In addition, poor people did not like their position in the caste system, so many of them converted to Buddhism.

However, the condition changed several centuries later, starting from the reign of the Sunga Dynasty. Pusyamitra did not like Buddhism and supported Hindusim instead. He appointed the Brahmanas royal advisors. The Brahmanas made use of the situation to oppress Buddhism followers, making Buddhism gradually decline in India.

Hinduism shone more brightly in India in the 4th century AD with the emergence of the Gupta Dynasty (320 – 656 AD). Gupta kings professed Hinduism and tried to strengthen its influence.

So the habit of sacrificing wild horses done by the Sunga Dynasty was revived. Many religious buildings were also built. Hindu science, literature, and arts were also revived. Gupta king paid a lot of attention to Hindu literature.

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