Roger w. Sperry inventor left brain and right brain

Roger Wolcott Sperry was a very popular figure in the study of the brain. Sperry was born in Hartford on August 20, 1913. He was Neuropsychology the first to discover that in mental functions of intelligence of the human brain is composed of two parts.

Sperry did research in mice, cats, and monkeys by performing separation of the corpus callosum (commissurotomy). He is very intense doing research on split-brain. In his research, he did not carry out the examination of biochemistry or sophisticated tools. Everything he did with very simple equipment. He is so powerful in making a decision as well as taking questions in a study done.

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Research on split-brain he designed by asking a few questions to people with epilepsy has done commissurotomy (four out of ten patients). He showed two objects to the respondents, namely the star on the left and right sides of the ball.

He then asked the respondents about what they see. Most of the interviewees answered only one answer, that is, objects that are to the right, i.e. the ball. From the results of his observations, he then gives one research postulates about the difference a very tight between the left and right hemisphere function.

The results of such research eventually provide new findings in the field of physiotherapy and the medical theory of the left brain and right brain as we know it today. In his research, Sperry also knows that each part of the brain (hemisphere) has a different mental function.

Left brain function to process information in the form of words, numbers, logic, analysis, list sort, and count, whereas the right-brain process information in the form of conceptual thinking, colors, rhythm, visual-spatial, imagery, and imagination.

The left part of the brain controls the right side of the motor body, and vice versa, the right brain controls the nature of short-term memory (short-term memory), while the right brain has long-term memory (long-term memory).

That’s the explanation why we are often able to remember faces and forget people’s names. The face in the form of images that are processed by the right brain that the nature of long-term memory, while the name or writings of our left brain that processed nature of short-term memory.

This research provides a conclusion that our brain there is not idle. All of them function normally under any circumstances. The term dominant right brain or left brain is simply an explanation of the tendency of a person to use a brain.

Roger w. Sperry Research is the Foundation of brain-based learning strategies or techniques, namely learning that make synergy both mind by using color, images, imagination, rhythms, and others.

This research is at once the basis of the invention and use of the folder by Tony Buzan mind first in the early 1970s that continue to thrive today.

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