Migration of peoples to Indonesia

Before discussing the migration of peoples to Indonesia, you had better have a look at a figure which shows the route of distribution of square axes and oval exes (Neolithic culture) in Indonesia.

From the figure, you know that the remains of Neolithic culture in the form of square ax and oval were not distributed in Indonesia automatically, but there were people who actively distributed the culture.

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The people who distributed the culture were those who migrated from mainland Asia to Indonesia Islands, even to the island in the Pacific.

Route of Neolithic culture spread in Indonesia

You probably want to know where those people came from. For that purpose, please study the map below.

Map of people's migration

The people who emigrated to Indonesia came from mainland Asia, precisely from North Yunan, which moved south into Rear India (Vietnam/Indochina) and moved on to Indonesia.

They were Melanesian people who were also called Papua Melanesoids that belonged to the race of Melanesoid/Negroid.

They were the first immigrants to Indonesia. Malay people who belonged to the family of Austronesians were included in Malayan Mongoloids. They emigrated to Indonesia in two waves :

  1. The first wave took place in 2000 BC, spread from mainland Asia to Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, Philippines and Formosa, even as far as Pasific silands and Madagaskar. These people were called Proto Malay. They came to Indonesia via two routes, east and west routes, and they brought the Neolithic (New Stone Age) culture.
  2. The second wave happened approximately 500 BC and the people were called Deutro Malay. They came into Indonesia, bringing the metal (bronze) culture.

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