Kertanegara domestic policy

Kertanegara attempted to create domestic political stability. Below are some of the efforts he had made to create stability :

  1. Hi wiped out bandits that had caused unrest in the society. In 1270 he killed a traitor named Cayaraja. Then in 1280, another traitor who had a lot of followers all over the country was also killed.
  2. In governmenr matters, he acted courageously and resolutely, he changed many officials. The chief minister, Rajanathe who was old was replaced by Apanji Aragani from the younger generation. An outstanding figure, Banyak Wide, was appointed regent in Madura and given the title Arya Wiraraja.
  3. There were still some potentially dangerous figures inside the country, for instance Jayakatwang, the king of Kediri who was a descendant of Kertajaya. Kediri Kingdom had been destroyed by Ken Arok, the great, great grandfather of Kertanegara.

However, Kediri was not destroyed completely. It still existed and was ruled by the descendants of Kertajaya, it was under the control of Singasari.

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In Mula-Malurang inscription of 1255, it was mentioned that Daha was under the authority of Sri Kertanegara, whereas Jayakatwang ruled Gelang-gelang.

Since 1271 Jayakatwang was in control of Daha. King Kertanegara tried to maintain a good political relationship with Jayakatwang. A son of Jayakatwang named Ardhareja was married to his daughter, while Kertanegara’s sister named Turukbali was married to Jayakatwang.

Later on, Ardhareja was appointed a commander of Singasari army. Meanwhile, there was another figure who had the right to inherit the throne, Raden Wijaya. He was the son of Lembu Tal and a grandson of Mahisa Campaka or Narasinghamurti.

So he was still a descendant of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes. According to the family tree, he was a nephew of Kertanegara. So Raden Wijaya was married to Kertanegara’s daughter and appointed commander of the entire army of Singasari.

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