How to Make Money from Google for Millennials

How to Make Money from Google – Google’s engine, not only as a search engine or search engine but Google also turns out to be able to make money. This search engine is widely used by millennials to generate fantastic amounts of profit.

Even more than the salary of an office person. How to get money from Google is easy to do, if you do the right steps.

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For millennials, money issues can be a barrier when starting a business. However, if you use Google smartly, you will get money easily and with limited capital. To get it, it cannot be done instantly, it must go through a process that is run.

Steps That Need To Be Prepared

Before trying to earn money from Google, it’s a good idea to do some preparation. This is done so that the choice of a business that will be tried can run according to expectations. Here are the steps to take before getting money from Google:

1. Prepare Support Devices

If you want to know how to get money from Google which is done online, of course, you need a supporting device to access the internet. The device needed can be a laptop, computer, or smartphone. Smartphones can be the right choice when mobility is high because they are practical and can be accessed anywhere.

2. Internet Connection

Accessing the internet, whether through a computer, laptop, or smartphone, definitely requires an internet connection. Make sure the selected internet connection is fast and stable so that when running a business it is not hampered. By choosing a good quality internet connection, of course, it will increase work productivity so that it affects income.

3. Gather As Much Information As Possible

Many options can be an alternative to earn money from Google. To successfully run it, you should understand the business that will be involved. The trick is to read from various literature or ask people who have run similar businesses.

4. Create an Email Account

Before learning how to get money from Google, one way to prepare is to create an email account. An email address is a must-have when registering multiple Google accounts, so it will be easy to contact.

5. Prepare the Bank Account to be Used

When doing how to get money from Google, you need a bank account. By creating a bank account, of course, it will be easier when receiving payments. The bank account used can be in the form of an online bank account such as PayPal, or offline, such as Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, and so on. How To Earn Money From YouTube

How to Make Money from Google for Millennials

Millennials are known to be close to the internet because they access it every day and the devices they use to support it. No wonder millennials use it a lot to increase their pocket money. Here is a review of how to make money from Google that is easy for millennials to do:

1. Create a Website with SEO Friendly

If you like writing activities, then it is suitable for creating a website to make money. This business can be the first choice of various ways to get money from Google. Learn the rules of SEO writing and read the information carefully.

SEO is a system on the internet that can make website content at the top of the list when searched for in search engines or Google. The more popular the website content, the more people who see the website, so that it provides many benefits.

If you want to do this, create content that is rich, interesting, and highly searched on Google. Creating a website can also be run anywhere, no need to do it in the office.

The way to create a website that is suitable for millennials is by using a blog, such as Blogspot, or WordPress. Make quality and SEO-friendly articles to attract many readers. Register a blog using Adsense so that it can be monetized and earn money from the business.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

Now, Google has teamed up with YouTube to maximize its services. Therefore, the way to get money from Google can be reached by creating a YouTube channel. Make creative and original videos that can be uploaded to your Youtube account. Do it persistently, and consistently. It’s better if the content is uploaded every day.

The more videos uploaded on YouTube, the greater the opportunity to capture viewers and subscribers. That way, the YouTube account that has been created can enable monetization of every uploaded video. Once monetization is active, every video watched will show ads.

These ads can be pop-up ads, clickable ads, or ads of a few seconds that must be watched. If a viewer clicks on an ad that appears on a YouTube account video or watches an ad that appears on a video, the person who uploaded it will get paid. The payment comes from Google in the form of dollars.

Many millennials are social media evaluators because this work can be done anytime and anywhere. You only need a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection, you can run this business. A social media evaluator is someone whose job is to increase the significance of the newsfeed for social media subscribers.

The task of the social media evaluator is also to answer questions related to advertisements that appear on social media. Social media evaluators need people who can go online on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram who are already affiliated with Google.

Follow the instructions the client has given and work independently. Working time is adjusted by agreement between clients. This endeavor requires the ability to clearly describe thoughts in English and Indonesian. The output can be in the form of written or oral.

3..Selling Photos or Videos

The next way to get money from Google is to sell photos or videos. This method is suitable for those who like photography or videography. Instead of saving it and filling up the memory of a laptop or camera, it’s better to upload it on the internet. By uploading it on the internet, you can make money because someone is willing to pay for it.

Upload a video or photo on Google-affiliated Instagram or Facebook. If you get a lot of likes and shares, the chances of videos and photos being popular are very large. This of course can invite parties to work together to advertise on Facebook and Instagram accounts that have been created.

Registering videos or photos that have been made can also be done on several photo and video provider sites. For example,,,, and Google Photos. The money to be earned will be calculated from the commission set by the service provider. Usually, it will be calculated from each photo or video downloaded.

4. Creating Android Apps

Creating an android application is one way to get money from Google that can be tried. The trick can be in the form of making applications or games that are specifically played on Android. The skills needed in making Android applications are programming skills. Millennials who study informatics or computer engineering are certainly suitable for running this business.

Create a game or application that can attract downloaders. After that, register it on the Google Play Store so that it can be downloaded, either for free or paid. This is of course by the calculations when running a business. If the application can be downloaded for free, then money will be earned by placing ads on games or applications that have been created.

If you make a game, additional money can also be obtained from the In-App Purchase payment media. For example, by making payments with credit or other payment accounts. Creating a subscription system can also be taken to increase income. Another way is by collaborating with other people to attract many downloaders.

5. Create eBooks

If you like writing and are good at something, try writing an eBook. For example, if you are making a tutorial eBook, make it clear the steps that must be taken along with interesting photos. By creating eBooks, the benefits obtained are from subscribers. Make sure to get loyal subscribers so they are willing to always subscribe. How to Get Money Without Capital

How to get money from Google through the creation of ebooks, namely by increasing conversions. This means, by selling ebooks and distributing them to subscribers, you get an email address. The email address can then be used as an offer for the product to be sold. When sending an email, you can also attach a collaboration link.

Make sure a lot of people read the ebooks that have been created and are increasing in number every month. The trick is to share a PDF file or upload it on the Play Store with the Books category. Research the target market, and promote eBooks that are made to attract a lot of readers.

6. Become a Facebook Gaming Creator

Young people, of course, love to play games. But trying to earn money just by playing games, is not an impossible thing to do. If you want to give it a try, become a streamer on Facebook Gaming. Facebook Gaming can invite gamers to join as Facebook Gaming Creator.

The way to do it is very easy, just by live-streaming when playing games on Facebook and then you will get a salary every month. Salaries offered range from 15 million to 150 million for senior levels. Salary is determined by performance when you are a streamer on Facebook.

To register as a Facebook Gaming Creator, make sure you have a personal Facebook account. Register on the Facebook Gaming Creator website and fill out the complete personal data page. A notification will be received if all personal data is filled in and it means that it has been officially registered with Facebook Gaming Creator.

7. Running an Affiliate Marketing Program

The last way to get money from Google is to run an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing programs are programs that offer other people’s services or products to consumers through selected affiliate links. The way it works is when consumers buy products from advertisements posted on YouTube channels, blogs, or Instagram accounts.

The commission will be earned by the advertiser through the product owner. Starting an affiliate marketing program is by registering as an affiliate of a product merchant. This is done to get an affiliate ID. Merchants can be companies or individuals. The merchant will then provide an affiliate link that contains a link to the website address of a product.

After promoting the link through the YouTube channel, blog, or Instagram account, anyone can click. That way, the person who clicks will purchase so the ad uploader will earn a commission. This business is suitable if run by millennials because they often access the internet.

Those are some ways to get money from Google which are certainly easy to apply and suitable for millennials. Do one by one the methods that have been mentioned and persevere so that you can enjoy the benefits. Remember every business, of course, nothing is instant, so enjoy the whole process. Good luck!

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